Detaching home from work

Most people have some important decisions to make on their lives, but I think that one of the most forgotten questions is about where they will live. Yes, I’m talking about the inertia that affects people when they think about this planning. In fact people don’t think about that. They just continue living where they already live and construct their career based on that. So, have you ever asked yourself where do you want to live?

I don’t need any research data to know that if you are already formed or if you have an established career you will probably answer my question with another one, like “And what about my successful career? I’m stable here, I understand the market” and other stuff.

That’s the issue I’m talking about: people assume that their jobs need to be around their home. But think with me: and if you could simply carry your job to anywhere on your bag, just being necessary a internet connection? Yes, I’m talking about remote jobs and you likely have heard about that. I confess I’m fascinating with this idea.

Perhaps this is the next step on my professional career. At least is what I’m looking for at this moment. I made some researches on internet and with my friends and it’s very difficult to get a remote job if you don’t have any experience with it before. I work with technology, specifically I’m a full web developer, so I write some applications for the web. It is a facilitator for me, because programming is a remote job friendly. But going back to the subject…

Here comes Toptal for me. This web development community gathers the most talented technology professionals around the world and then works as a bridge between them and companies that are looking for some freelance professional to supply a particular need. The basic idea is that only a great talent can pass all the appraisal steps and become a Toptal member.

There is a set of other good reasons to go inside Toptal community. You apply for each position you want, so if you like to work with small projects, you can. If you like to work with long-term projects, you also can. Basicly you decide for which project or client you will work for, and then you keep your fingers crossed until the approval by the client. And yet there is the salary, which is very competitive.

I don’t know if I am already prepared for these tests, but I will give a try to myself. If I get this position, I’ll can check below items of my checklist:

  • Working for a foreign company
  • Working with different projects and technology
  • Being part of a high experience team

And finally:

  • Choose my home place without any influence of my job

It’s well clear for me the great opportunity I’m willing to catch. For a non american like me maybe you have some questions about fees and other stuff, but for this I have a advice I’ve heard on a Toptal members meeting: Don’t bother with it. Leave it for when if and only if you pass the tests and become a Toptal member. That’s what I’ll do.