3-year Realty Graphs Using Zillow data for Zip Code 37917 (Knoxville, TN)

A friend mentioned that they (her and her husband) were going to put in a bid on a house at brunch earlier today. A few drinks and some delicious southwestern eggs into the conversation later my mind was buzzing with questions about realty data, and I asked if it would be helpful were I to take a look at the local trends. That was met with an enthusiastic response, and I spent the rest of the day coding up a way to quickly filter and assess all zillow files for any zip code I want. The github repo is here, and while its title is knox_realty, it really can be good for anywhere with minor tweaking (update: I did change this to extend to the entire country, but haven’t uploaded the repo yet). I tried to kept it fairly general so that I could play with it more later. The major changes are zip code and in the dictionary for xlabel, ylabel, and plot titles. I originally built all of that during the graphing loop, but I wanted to be a bit more descriptive and have nicer label dressing to go along with the numbers on each graph.

Here are the resulting graphs: