I ask myself once in a while, “What do I really want out of a project?” “Why am I getting involved in this project? I try as much as possible to forecast far enough into the future. My conclusion is that I should be able to tell what the future holds in certain areas of concern and if I can’t, why should I settle for something without a clear understanding of how it will impact my life and those of the people around me? You must learn to constantly ask the right questions. That way, you are able to effectively force yourself to always look and think ahead of your immediate horizons, present circumstances or mental blocks. The kind of questions we ask ourselves must be tough and thorough enough to force us to think deeply about how to effectively deal with issues. The real deal is not on the surface of things at all. You have to be able to look far into the future, to some ten years ahead and come up with concrete plans on how to take on whatever lies ahead of you.

Those who are clear about what they want out of life or where they are going don’t just take steps for the fun of it. Their steps are calculated and informed by virtue of the things they see ahead of themselves. They know precisely what they want and where they are headed. This is perhaps owing to how much value they place on vision. The element of definiteness is what makes it possible for us to set meaningful goals on each life project we embark upon.

I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air — I Corinthians 9:26

People who have nothing they are looking forward to hardly ever achieve anything meaningful. Apostle Paul’s remark in the scripture above helps us appreciate the importance of the element of definiteness in vision. You cannot be definite about anything you want to get involved in if what you see is vague or ambiguous. If we must get involved in or with anything, it must be because we are relatively sure about what lies ahead of us.

We must take a long term view and weigh the pros and the cons of our decisions and choices before we venture. It is only after this that we can safely conclude that we have something to look forward to for getting involved in any activity of choice otherwise it could as well amount to chasing shadows. Bottom line is; we must be driven by vision.

“How Clear Is Your Vision? — Part I” is an excerpt from Wale Arowojolu’s upcoming book Leading From The Front.

Wale Arowojolu is passionate about young people. He believes this cohort are the future and should be bolstered with every resource within our means to guide them in attaining their aspirations. Wale is the convener of the ASPIRE SUMMIT and the presenter of the radio program THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE.