Should I stay or should I go: me and the EU Referendum
Sean Fleming

Sean, yours is one of most cogent and considered set of arguments for remaining that I’ve come across anywhere. Your piece utterly mirrors my own views on the UK’s place within Europe.

The tired, old-fashioned, misplaced jingoism spouted by much of the Leave brigade is an object lesson in 21st century irony. On the surface, they are trying so hard to sound ‘brave’ about forging ahead with Britain’s destiny as a single entity - when in fact, they are attempting to leave the EU with their collective tail between their legs.

What they ultimately believe at their core, is that they have neither the power nor confidence to negiotiate and steward the UK’s future within the region. The desire to leave the EU is an act of rank cowardice, dressed up as Union Jack-clad gallantry.

And if you can’t negotiate with your fellow Europeans, Brexiters, what makes you think you’ll be able to do so on the ‘world stage? This isn’t 1716.

Life in the 21st century is one of flux, and one whose challenges are best faced with collective purpose to improve and maintain what works for us all — and change and battle against what doesnt. The Leavers have decided to retreat and surrender, rather than take the challenges head-on. What a sad and sorry message to send to our children.

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