Building Wellvis; tools and architecture.

As a non-technical founder of Wellvis Health, I try to closely follow the trends and also understand the not-so-fine details of the engineering tools and tech products that power our solution. It can be quite hard to grasp and fully understand what is going on under the hood a lot of times, but thanks to my technical cofounder, the CTO, it becomes clearer every day.

Recently had a review of our updated engineering architecture (see below) and was intrigued by the amount of work and products that have gone into building Wellvis from the ground up, within few months of launch.

However, because we are bootstrapping, my first question when it comes to paying for third-party tools and integrations is, “can we get an open-source or a free alternative?”. This is not always the case, however, in the last few months, we have benefited immensely from other startups and established companies both locally and internationally, who have offered us amazing deals including fee waiver or heavy discounts for premium tools. This gesture is treasured and for a young startup like ours, we may not have gone this far without you. To this end, I say a very big “thank you” to all the makers and builders of tools/products/solutions/APIs that we use. We look forward to a new year of even more work as we scale our engineering team, optimise our platform, and include new features and capabilities.

To this end, we will appreciate more collaborations and offers that will afford us free or subsidized tools to continue to provide quality healthcare to thousands of families who rely on Wellvis as their first access point for affordable health services within and outside the African sub-region.

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