Blog #3 — The Man in the High Castle

Robert Childan (right), as portrayed by Brennan Brown in Amazon’s “The Man the High Castle”
‘A drink?’ Mr. Kazoura asked. ‘Scotch and soda?’
‘Mr. Kasoura
 — ’ he began.
‘Paul,’ the young Japanese said. Indicating his wife. ‘Betty. And you are
Mr. Childan murmured, ‘Robert.’

For this blog post I decided to write about Option #1; Quote directly from the reading — find a phrase or sentence that clearly suggests a meaning for you. Explain why you find it significant.

The above quote is from Chapter #7 — Page 109 when Robert Childan, owner of the artifact shop, is visiting two prospective Japanese clients at their home. This exchange and Childan’s entire visit strikes the reader and Childan as odd. The typical exchange between a person of Japanese origin and that of a worker from America stresses a distinct hierarchy in The Man in the High Castle. Yet — with Mr. and Mrs. Kasoura — or what they like to be called — Paul and Betty — their interactions have shown that they see Robert as an equivalent and strive to treat him as such.

Likewise, when Childan entered the compound where the Kasouras live — he was meet with utter amazement of the presence of an American in an exclusive Japanese compound.

This shows the significance of the quote — because this opposes the reader’s ideology that all Japanese and German citizens in The Man in the High Castle- an Alternate History novel-are racists and against the idea of being equivalent to other people. This contrary Frank Fink’s earlier belief that he feels the urge to eliminate all Japanese citizens living in the San Francisco region — something that he says himself has lost the urge to do.

Recent Plot Developments

Nobusuke Tagomi, as portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa in Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle”

The Reichs Chancellor — who had fallen into a deep sickness — was pronounced dead and is soon to be replaced by another necessary canidate. During the briefing with other Japanese officials, Mr. Nobusuke Tagomi became extremely ill and had to step out of the office. He later follows an unknown path and ends up back at his office hours later. I am sure this will be dug into further later on.

This blog entry is a part of Grade 11 English taken online during the first semester of the 2017–18 school year.