Being Interested

I have learned a principle form the reading “How to win friends and influence people” Chapter 1. The principle is that; become genuinely interested in other people. People are not interested in you. As I also did an activity “The Interested Challenge” and I came to know that people are interesting. Saying it again, people are not interested in you.

If you are not interested in people, then you will face ignorance, loneliness and you will also feel that you have no importance. Writer gave a very good example of a dog in the start of the chapter. Dog is a faithful animal. He will love you unconditionally. It means he is interested in you and due to his genuine interest, you will also start loving him. We should start following this example. It teaches us a great lesson.

Being interested means you are truly giving importance to someone. You value them. You respect them. So, a show of interest must be sincere. It must pay off not only for the person showing the interest, but for the person receiving the attention.

If you want to make good friends, good relations and a society full of love, care and attention then start taking interest in the people, instead of waiting for others to come.

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