#Just Start Project — Khudi and Self-learning, and Edhi Sb Reading

Edhi Sahib Reading

Edhi sahib was born in 1928. He belonged to the very poor family some time he faces the situation in which the whole family lives in one room that is very difficult. He stops getting the education due to financial assistance. Humanity is in his vanes from childhood. He has the ability to serve needy peoples from childhood. I have experience of example that relates to embracing using Amal’s principle like Edhi sahib using Amal and Khudi principle. I also thought that its relate to one of my experienced that I gained from my hostel’s waiters. I always try to help them as much as possible and they give me most respect in response even I do not want that. Edhi sahib stand on reading for needy peoples to collect money which is khudi principle of Amal and I also have the same relation with waiters i.e. I don’t shy to eat the meal with them and they feel very proud like peoples those help Edhi sahib. I also collect money for waiters when they need for medical treatment.

I really inspired from Edhi sahib those examples in which they help old age persons whose Children send him to Edhi House. The era when children’s need to care their parents and get a reward of heaven they send him to Edhi house which is big unfortunate. I learned from that humanity is the very big thing and from Edhi Sahib that live for others.

#juststart project

a) The goal that I want to achieve in past is reading newspaper in both Urdu and English language. I want to achieve that goal due to in touch with world current affairs and to now our country situations and to better our English vocabulary and fluency. To achieve this goal I have faced many problems like have no newspaper at home other than that no laptop or computer and internet connection and most important is that I cannot manage my time to achieve this goal.

a) My experience toward completing this task was good because it inspires/punctuates me to manage my time like wake up early in the morning and start reading a newspaper. The challenges that I have to face are that my vocabulary is very week and I am very confused how to start reading the newspaper which news read first and which second. I learn from this experience is that man can do anything if they have any external force and guidance to do something. Next steps are that I try to maintain that habit and be punctuate to do regularly.