About “Jammu and Kashmir”?

Jammu and Kashmir was a region formerly administered by India as a state from 1954 to 2019.

Jammu and Kashmir was the region in India which had special autonomy under Article 370 of the Constitution of India, according to which no law enacted by the Parliament of India, except for those in the field of defense, communication and foreign policy would be extendable in Jammu and Kashmir unless it was ratified by the state legislature of Jammu and Kashmir. …

We all do mistakes and most of the time we regret them. Have you ever heard about types of mistakes?

Remember! All mistakes are good. It’s how we react on them that matters.

The Good,

The good mistakes are the ones that we do for the first time or have done only a few times in the past. We realize these mistakes right at the spot. We try to make sure that it doesn’t happen next time. We learn a lot from this kind of mistake, and it’s good to have as many as you need.

Don’t hate your mistakes. …

In this article, we are going to build a simple Serverless application using AWS Lambda with S3 and API Gateway. We’ll use Node.js 8.10.0 which was added to AWS Lambda a few weeks ago.

For this task, you just need to:
- Create a free AWS account
- Download Postman

AWS Lambda provides support for inline code edit, so we don’t need any special tool for that. At the end of this tutorial,, our application will be able to perform ImageMagick operation on AWS Lambda.

A Few Words about Serverless:

Steve Faulkner Software Engineer at LinkedIn, defines Serverless as:

The way I describe it is…

This article contains info on major/notable changes in Node.js versions to help you migrate.

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I have listed major changes in

  • 5.0.0
  • 6.0.0
  • 7.0.0
  • 8.0.0
  • 9.0.0
  • 10.0.0

Note that changes in Node.js versions are cumulative.
So, If you are planning to upgrade from 4.x to 8.x, you should take a look at all changes in 5.0.0 + 6.0.0 + 7.0.0 + 8.0.0.

Similarly, If you plan to upgrade from 4.x to 6.x, you should only check changes in 5.0.0 + 6.0.0.

I tried to add all major changes from node/changelog, but in-case I missed something, feel free to open a PR in WaleedAshraf/nodejs-major-changes

If you have been using Node.js for sometime, you should know that it is single threaded. This is why you can’t take full advantage of multiple core machines unless you use the cluster module or a process manager like PM2.

I’m working on an application that used the cluster module for managing processes. Although, there were some benefits to this, I decided to move from the cluster module to PM2 & RabbitMQ. This blog will cover the reasons why I made this change and provide background on how and why I moved to PM2 & RabbitMQ.

The Cluster module:

The cluster module in…

Are you using an Express app and need to add integration (end-to-end) testing? Here’s what I discovered when I was trying to do this for a project that I worked on. This article covers the background around the challenge that I faced when trying to add an integration test for an Express App, and a simple way to solve this.

Hopefully, this helps those that might be facing the same problem.


I was tasked with working on a project where I was uploading images to amazon s3 in bulk (albums) and then needed to apply some processing like resizing/compression/editing on…

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