Edhi [Proud of Pakistan

i want to share about Mr Edhi sb who is the name of humanity in Pakistan. Edhi foundation is one of the biggest charity foundation of the world .in this i just want to share about its start ..how Mr edhi start this projects and make it successful and gave it a name ..at world level 
Mr edhi was a kind person He basically belong to India and migrate to Pakistan after 1948 ..when about 20 million people migrate to pakistan ….and see the condition of people that was very bad ..that motivate him to help them ..but at that time ethi sb has nothing i mean no money no labor no vehicle etc that are used now a days for helping and for running the foundation …but he started helping …he started collecting money at footpath and railway station and other public places and start helping people by this money 
most important thing that edhi sab think for his successful foundation is his wife ..who always support him and never demand extra things as other ladies demand ..and many times edhi sb mentioned his wife whose name was bilqees edhi as she is behind this successful foundation ..her behavior was very kind to everyone