Maximize Productivity with Time and Focus

Pomodoro is a time management technique to maximize the work productivity by properly utilizing the set time blocks. Pomodoro is a great tool to defeat your distractions and encourages you by short breaks from what you are doing. It allows you to plan for targets realistically. It allows to get the things done more quickly.

Pomodoro to slice your time and to stay on task

Facing Procrastination and Distractions

Working on my Final Year Project of designing Multilevel Inverter. I completed software simulation of my project earlier. Now the really challenging part was to design the hardware. To avoid any troubles in hardware is to design it properly and efficiently. I have been working on design for two weeks and due to a hidden error in the design. I was not able to finalize it. Beside this I am working on my other projects as my hobby and my attention was diverted to them also. My first priority was to focus on my final year project, which really did using great Pomodoro technique.

Working with Pomodoro

Stopped working on my other projects, working on them I really enjoy. I set the first Pomodoro timer and started trouble shooting my design. And after two Pomodoro I still not identified error, but I verified some of the portions of my design. I was taking breaks after Pomodoro .After two Pomodoro I got bored, because not found error. And I enjoyed tea for five minutes before starting my next Pomodoro. By continuous working with short breaks I found the error and resolve it after five Pomodoro.

Learning Experience

It was great learning experience. I completed the most time consuming and tiring task with great Pomodoro technique and was feeling happy and excited. Why I didn’t know this technique earlier..? We should use this technique to do tiring and time consuming tasks in a very short time with fruitful results.