A Challenging learning Experience.

On Monday morning 17th may 2017, talented young men sat down happily and patiently awaiting the arrival of facilitators and commencement of Andela Boot camp. Upon their arrival boot camp commenced and we all had and early stage active participation, full of energy and participated well during the soft skills.
As we dive into core areas of the program and being introduced to programming logic it became even more interesting.
Just as expected a new challenge sets in.
Bootcamp facilitator Philip introduced us to different javascript framework for test-driven development and gave us a task that needed to be submitted in less than 5 hours, you know what? that was my first time of hearing about a framework called jasmine, aside from the fact that I once had a friend named jasmine.
At that point all I could say to my self-was “Ibrahim here is a challenge get to work and make it happen”.
I loaded up my browser, got into research and tried to learn what jasmine was all about, as you will expect asking google pulled out lots of files over warming to get me started, but the major challenged was the time frame. 
So in other to meet up with the time frame I decided to ask co aspiring Andelans who had an idea on what jasmine was all about, Guess what that really helped, got a good brief that way knew what i needed to look out for on search engine. 
You know what, there is still more to do while still participating at Andela boot camp. I will always get you updated as I face and overcome both challenges and obstacle which will definitely be approached with a growth mindset. 
The learning process is really worthwhile. 
Thank you Andela.
I am Ibrahim Abdulazeez.