My Experience at Bootcamp so Far (Continued).

Today before I unveil some more technical experience gathered, let me share something I observed about the host community.

Bootcamp happens to be the reason why I came down to Abuja to stay for a while, so I decided to put up with a friend around “maraba”, every morning at about 6:45–7:00am I usually get to the main road to board a vehicle and here is what I found out, all vehicles are potential taxis irrespective of how luxurious the car is, this was actually amazing as you don’t get to see this happen in most cities in Nigeria must especially where I come from.

Now back to technical experienced gathered. In the cause of the bootcamp I have been able to get used to new technologies I never knew before, talking about a Trello board, GitHub and Jasmine framework just to mention a few.

Secondly, part of what I learned is writing a blog post. In all honesty, writing was not something I never liked doing. Right now, bootcamp is helping me build my writing skills.

Finally, with Andela bootcamp I have also been able to build a strong network of friends.

In conclusion, I want to say with all sense of humility that attending this bootcamp is worthwhile.

I am Ibrahim Abdulazeez.

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