My Experience in Bootcamp so Far.

Experience gathering at Andela Bootcamp started right from the first day and has so far been amazing, I learned a lot about Mindsets (Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset), feedback, programming Logic, Version Control, Git, and TDD. Programming logic has been my favorite despite lots of challenges faced while trying to complete self-learning clinic task. 
From day one, I connected with my Team members and other Bootcampers along side with my BFA who never got tired of answering questions from team members and fond of saying “Do you need help”.
During the get feedback interaction session with a team member, we both shared a technical problem and real life problem, got feedback from each other and were glad we did because it was an opportunity to air our minds sincerely also the session provided an environment for me to restructure my growth mindset and passion for coding. 
It has not been easy working on self-learning clinic task, but my passion towards becoming a world-class developer has kept me going. I look forward to more exciting programming techniques as we progress.

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