E-Surveillance ~ Making an impact in Business

Whether you run a start-up or an established business, the challenges that come with it are tremendous. Especially in this day and age where the threats to your profitability are numerous. From growing competition to increasing taxes, this is truly an era where businesses are struggling to remain profitable and are doing everything possible to reduce their loss.

E-Surveillance is a tool that is instrumental in this.

Below are some of the ways E-Surveillance reduces losses in your business -

l) Reduces internal & external theft

Whether it is an office or a retail storage room, thefts occur pretty often in businesses. Theft is generally of two types — internal theft and external theft. Internal theft refers to employees of the business stealing cash or other assets of the business. External theft is theft by an outsider of those assets.

Using e-surveillance service, you can have your business monitored 24/7 and keep an eye on your staff members as well as outsiders.

2) Reduction in energy wastage

High electricity costs are a major expenditure for any company. These costs are unavoidable as your business requires electricity to function. However, what you can control is wastage of this electricity. This control can be better exercised with the help of e-surveillance monitoring solutions.

You can ensure that your staff shuts off all lights and appliances before leaving for the day. Also, using energy sensors, the energy consumption of a site can be monitored and controlled.

3) Reduction in unproductive time

It may be an unpopular opinion among employees, but the fact is that your staff performs better when they know they are being watched. In the absence of an authority figure, employees can indulge in unproductive activities like gossiping, talking on their phone or simply ignoring customers.

With e-surveillance, you can have your staff monitored 24/7 in real-time and can relax knowing that they are spending their work hours productively. In the long run, this enhances the productivity of your business.

4) Ensuring quality checks

If you run a manufacturing plant where employees have to adhere to industry best practices, you need to ensure that all quality checks are being followed during the manufacturing process to reduce product returns and charge backs due to faulty goods.

Through the watchful eye of e-surveillance, you can set parameters where you will be alerted in real-time when any quality check is missed by your factory staff.

5) Maintaining brand image

For businesses like fine dining restaurants, it is important to maintain the brand image to retain customers. This is done by providing consistent and good quality customer service along with high-quality food. How can you make sure this is being followed without micro-managing your restaurant?

Through e-surveillance, you can make sure your kitchen staff is following proper hygiene while preparing food, your waiters are responding to customers in a timely manner and can also keep checks on the average time taken to fulfill orders.

Above are just a few ways that today’s revolutionary e-surveillance monitoring solutions can help your business reduce its risk of loss and improve profitability. Using this service, you give the burden of security to an expert third party company and let them handle all your monitoring needs so you can focus on your business’s core competencies. Just another way that advancements in technology are making lives of business owners easier.