Have you ever felt offended by getting “Tnx” “sry” or “hbd”?

we’re living in tech life where time is very short for everything. Everything is speedy and electrical and apparently we forgot how to show value to others.how to respect others.

Over online community, I’ve seen many people using ‘tnx’ ‘sry’ and ‘hbd’ or any short form of the word to express their emotion. I don’t have any problem with writing short form of a word like ASAP, PM, IDK and other but I have a very big argue for using ‘tnx’ or ‘sry’ word instead of their full form.


because of these words are showing value,respect and thankfulness to others but using ‘tnx' doesn’t mean it’s a proper thankfulness. Using ‘sry' doesn’t mean you’re truly sorry.

Think, if someone feels sorry in Reality (apart from social life) and then reach to you and just said sorry without showing any emotion of praying forgiveness…would you accept?

No…you wouldn’t.Same thing works in social life.

Just think about this, You asked someone to help you over online and S/He spent 10 or few more minutes to help you with that.Sometimes, someone spent a lot time about finding the error in code.Then he spent another few times to teach you why that wasn’t working and at the end you just sent him a message with an emo ‘tnx’ :)

Guessing, you don’t have enough time to appreciate his or her effort for helping you.You informed them, your time is more important then them who helped you.

May be it’s negative thought of mine but it’s true.I remember a suggestion from my grandparent that

When you’ll thank someone, just don’t say the word…wear it.

I think, this is the best way to show someone value, respect.


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