Sidi Ifni Aka ‘ Santa Cruz de la Mar pequeñ’

Sidi Ifni Moroccan city located about 160 kilometers south of the city of Agadir on the Atlantic Ocean between Tiznit and Guelmim. The number of population of 73 589 people, according to 2013 census the city and economically dependent on fishing, tourism and agriculture. The city became independent from the Spanish protection in 1969, which lasted more than a century, after the resistance and the siege of the tribes of Ait Amran.
 The city took its name from the tomb of Sidi Ifni Ali, who is in the city, it has been designated by the Spaniards in ‘Santa Cruz de la Mar pequeñ’.
 During its presence in the city worked Spain on the construction and added the character Iberia distinct, and it appears that in a number of buildings: the consulate, the cinema, the municipal building, the lighthouse … and equipped with a number of public facilities: schools, hospitals, parks, the zoo, … and established the port and airports. Making Sidi Ifni unique city in southern Morocco. Tourism is booming and especially in the summer in the city and its suburbs because of the unique nature of the tourism of the city and the presence of beautiful beaches along the coastline and beaches.

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