In our last post we showed you how to create a Place using geotagged photos. Now, we’re going to show you how to go about creating Places using the Bulk Upload feature.

Before we get started, remember there are 3 ways you can add Places in the Walkabout system.

1. Manual Creation — Creating Places one by one in the Place Administration panel.
2. Geotagged Photos — Upload your geo-tagged photos into the Places Administration and watch as each photo creates a new Place.
3. Bulk .CSV Upload — use our nifty .CSV template to create a spreadsheet of all your Places and upload them into the system all at once.

Here’s how you can create Places using the Bulk Upload Feature.

Step One: Download the Blank Template

In order to upload Places to the Walkabout platform using Bulk Upload, you must first download the Blank Template from the system.

In the Place Menu, click on the Import/Export button.

Then click Blank Template.

Save the .CSV file to your computer.

Step Two: Complete the .CSV Template

At your own pace, complete all the fields in the .CSV for all the Place for your event. Here’s a primer on the fields in the template:

Title: This is the name of Your Place that will show on the Map.
Description: Describe Your Place in 200 characters or less, using just text. The system recognizes common HTML, like hyperlinks, bold, and italics. If you don’t know HTML, don’t worry, you can customize each Place once they’re upload into the system.
Picture: NA
Location: Input an Address for the Place. Use Latitude/Longitude if that works better.
Latitude/Longitude: Enter the latitude/longitude where Your Place is located.
Start/End: If there is a specific date and time Your Place should be on the map, use these fields to add the Start/End Date/Time. If not, just leave the default.
Category: Add the 3 digit code for the Category each Place is assigned to.
Social Sharing: Directly connect Your Place to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Once you’ve completed your .CSV, you’re ready to move onto Step Three.

Step Three: Upload and Edit

To upload your .CSV to the Walkabout system, just go back to the Place Menu and click on the Import/Export button.

Then click Import to bring up the Bulk Import Wizard

Assign the Places to a Map and a Layer, then click Choose File.

Find the .CSV on your computer and then click the Import button.

All the Places you uploaded should now be viewable in the Place Menu. If you need to edit any Places, simply click the edit button on the far right of your screen.

Now that we know how to create Places, let’s start adding Events!