Walkabout maps are one of the most unique and powerful new planning tool on the market, which means you can do a lot of stuff with them. This helpful tutorial is the second in a series designed to help you navigate the wealth of features in the Walkabout platform. So, without anymore jibjab, let’s get started creating your first map!

Step One: Create Your Map

Getting started is super simple…just click on the word Maps in the upper left corner of the Home screen.

Now just click the Add Map button shown here and you are on your way!

Step Two: Design Your Event

The Map Administration panel is where you can put the over-all information about your map all in one place. Here’s a quick primer on all the fields you can add:

Group and Owner: These fields will pre-fill with your group and user information. No need to do anything here.
Name: Give Your Map a name so you can tell them apart. This information is accessible to you.
Description: If the name isn’t enough, you can add extra information so that you know which map this is. This information is accessible to you.

Logo Options: The Walkabout platform comes with 4 built-in areas you can add custom logos and hyperlinks. Use these for sponsors or advertisers, or simply promote your own company. To fill out the logo fields, just attach a .jpg and add the hyperlink you want it to go to, and you’re done. Click here to see where these different logos will appear on the map.

Optimal Logo Sizes: Width:Height
Header: 3:1
Menu: 3:2
Place/Event Filters: 3:2

Menu Options: This is where you can add links to additional information that your vendors, volunteers, or staff could find helpful. To add a Menu Item, just create a title and add a hyperlink to the information.

Map Options: Zoom Control, Pan Control, Map Type, and StreetView Control put desktop controls on the map. In most cases they should be left off the map.

Zoom Controls: Zoom sets the default zoom level of Your Map. The higher the number, the closer the zoom level. Client Zoom sets the default zoom level when a User allows the map to use their location.

Center: If you have a specific Latitude and Longitude you’d like for Your Map then put the coordinates in this field, otherwise simply put an address in the Search bar on the map at the bottom of the page, or drag and drop the red pin to the center location you’d like for Your Map.

Tracking: Navigation Tracking measures the location of User activity, and Click Tracking measures where Users clicked on the map.

Time Slider Controls: The Time Slider is how Users manage time on Walkabout maps. The Time Slider controls allow you to set the default start and end time of the Time Slider, and the increments the Time Slider will move forward and backwards.

Step Three: Check Out Your Map

Once you’ve filled out all the applicable fields in the Map Administration Panel, click Save at the bottom of the page. You’ll be taken back to the Map Menu, where you can check out your new Map by clicking Go To URL.

Now that we’ve gotten Your Map started, let’s add some Categories!