In our last post we showed you how to create custom Categories for Your Map. Now, we’re going to show you how to go about creating all the Places that’ll populate Your Map.

Places can be created in the Walkabout system in 3 different ways, depending on your style and need.

1. Manual Creation — Creating Places one by one in the Place Administration panel.
2. Geotagged Photos — Upload your geo-tagged photos into the Places Administration and watch as each photo creates a new Place.
3. Bulk .CSV Upload — use our nifty .CSV template to create a spreadsheet of all your Places and upload them into the system all at once.

Here’s how you can create Places one by one in the Place Administration Panel.

Step One: Create a New Place

Just like when adding a Map or Category, click the Add Place button on the Place Menu page, and you’ll be taken to the Place Administration panel.

Step Two: Design Your New Place

The Place Administration panel has several fields, but by now you will have seen many of them before, so they will probably be familiar. Let’s take a deeper dive to explain each field:

Title: This is the name of Your Place that will show on the Map.
Map: Assign the Place to a Map.
Layer: Assign the Place to a Layer. If the Map only has one Layer, then you’re all set.
Category: Assign the Place to a Category.
Description: Describe Your Place in 200 characters or less, using standard formatting options, like bold, italic, numbering, and hyperlinks.
Permanent: Click this button if Your Place should always be on the map.
Start/End: If there is a specific date and time Your Place should be on the map, use these fields to add the Start/End Date/Time.
Social Sharing: Directly connect Your Place to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Picture: Add a .JPG to make Your Place even more customized.
Position: Enter an address or drag and drop the red pin to where Your Place is located.

Click the Save button and you have just created your first Place on Your Walkabout Map. Repeat as many times as you need to add all the Places for your Map.