The Big Easy

Food…Jazz…Food…Jazz…more food..more Jazz…that about sums up our time in New Orleans! Jazz on the street, in bars, in clubs, in restaurants and cafes…good thing we like Jazz!! There is something innately cool about the city and its easy to see why people are attracted to living there. Definitely a world away from the ‘stuffy’ northern part of the country. Although, the huge number of homeless people, pot-heads, drunks, smokers and one scary moment involving a drunk guy with a knife inches from my back was enough to make us think…yep great to visit…but maybe not to live…
We strolled the city for hours in awe of the architecture of the French Quarter and the general vibe making our way down our food list: Gumbo, dirty rice, jambalaya, blackened fish, blackened chicken, cocktails walking down the notorious Bourbon Street, YUMALICIOUS Beignets at the historic Café du Monde and classic southern cocktails listening to Jazz because that’s what you do in New Orleans! and definitely head to Frenchman Street over Bourbon Street for less chaos and more of a local feel, but both were fun!!

We also decided to take a Food History Tour, led by a fabulous local with some serious pizazz! and were inspired to try the ‘muffaletta’. An Italian inspired sandwich concoction of some kind of olive and vegetable mix, cured meats and mozzarella cheese between some kind of dense Italian bread soaked in so much olive oil it was running down my arm before I’d taken the first bite. And ok that description may not have you running out to buy one, but just take it from my sandwich loving hubby who declared it the BEST SANDWICH EVER!!

New Orleans was everything we hoped for and so much more!!