The Train from Chicago to New Orleans

We got the idea for doing this train trip after seeing it on a list of the top 10 train journeys in the US. Devesh loves trains and it’s not something people talk about doing much…so we thought ok, let’s do it!
We did lash out a little for our own cabin with meals included. Not luxury by any standard, but definitely more comfortable than sitting in a chair for 18 hours. And no, this was not a ride of any spectacular natural beauty but it has been a world away from anything we have experienced from living in the North East. Endless flat farm lands…pretty forests..and houses or should I say dwellings that honestly look more like decaying shanty towns…very humbling for sure. 
For entertainment INSIDE the train, we had a lovely passenger grace us with her presence at breakfast by storming in, demanding food at a ‘properly set table’, then when she did not get shown a seat to her liking, she went on a rant about how she felt like she’s back in the 1930s, not being served and having to sit at the back! 10 more minutes of complaining to that same poor server and someone on her phone, the woman who can only be described as an angry fruit loop then started to sing loudly into her phone…continuing on until we along with others decided to retreat back to our cabin.

We met more interesting (but far friendlier) characters at lunch with whom we sat opposite chatting to. Both from Southern Illinois. It was the first time the guy had left his house for more than 2 days in 10 years! Its strange that things like this seems almost normal now. 3 years ago my jaw would’ve dropped open! but still warrants a mention because of the ending…that being he met a woman who convinced him to leave his house for more than 2 days…3 whole days!!! You go lady!!!