Currently: August 2016

I hate to admit that some 3 weeks after returning from New Mexico I’m still a bit “off my game”. I got home and had 3 days to catch my breath before heading to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Alexandria, Virginia. Much fun ensued, along with learning and networking and catching up with friends. But all together I was away from home, my own bed and daily routines for almost a month.


I’m reading…. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and Life Reimagined by Barbara Bradley Haggerty. Haggerty writes about midlife, from the personal and the research based point of view. Waiting for me at the library is Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill.

I’m listening to… a playlist I created on Spotify — what fun!! If you’re interested, here’s the link. It’s all fairly new music for me, pulled from our local small nonprofit radio station.

I’m watching….not much. While I was away I was without access to a television for 3 weeks; I missed both political conventions. Not really “missed”…. This last week I’ve been watching an Australian murder series, Winter, featuring a female detective — very well done.

Heading to…. I’m staying put for now, happily so. Heading to Catalyst Con, Los Angeles, to speak on sexual desire next month.

Sex Ramblings….Having a conversation about nudity and what we as humans are attracted to visually. This article on photographer Abigail Ekue’s work got me thinking about attraction and the “male gaze” and the female gaze. The article features her work of nude males. Thinking about the female condom (link is to a how-to page) as a possible alternative for those situations with older men who don’t want to, or feel they can’t, wear a condom. Is it because of erectile issues, stubbornness, or memories of the condoms of 30–40 years ago? Condoms these days are super sheer and offer more sensation than their predecessors. Wondering how marriages/relationships get to the point where touch (and sex) isn’t happening at all. And how people can find their way back to intimacy. It’s a chapter in my book, Inviting Desire, as well.

Things I’m pondering….Wondering if I’ll have the nerve to wear my new boots around town. I’ve never been a


boot type, but these called my name one evening in Santa Fe. The photo was a spontaneous one taken at Woodhull’s Friday night Burlesque and Bubbles gala. Me taking a test run with my new boots and a little ‘skin’. This is me…untouched, a week shy of turning 62. And feeling a little sassy. I’m sharing this as a way of celebrating the aging process. And, the purple glasses.

I’m also thinking about my new book, Inviting Desire. How to promote it without stepping over that line into a hard sell! More to follow on the book, speaking engagements, and maybe a video series? Here’s a link to my About The Book page. If you want, here’s a link to the Amazon page.

Thinking about relationships and online dating — both from a personal perspective, and from the work angle. I’ll be giving a workshop on dating for seniors in October.

What are you thinking about? Are there topics you want me to address in upcoming weeks?

Originally published at Walker Thornton.