Love Always Wins

One of the values that sits at the core of our company is Courage. To us, this means having the courage to act with conviction in ways we believe will change the world. What we’ve realized is that “changing the world” doesn’t require massive actions and movements, sometimes all that is required to effect change is to simply be your authentic self. We have unwavering support for those who live and speak their truths, especially in the face of oppression and adversity.

As a brand, Bevel seeks to help men of color shave and groom with confidence. When we want to speak to all of these men of color, it’s important that we do so in a way that is as inclusive as possible. As Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, we want to make sure that all types of love is respected and included in our marketing campaign around this holiday. That is why this week we launched our Valentine’s Day ad creative featuring both hetero and homosexual couples.

We are proud of our decision to validate and celebrate different forms of love and partnership this Valentine’s Day and beyond. If we were to only focus on heteronormative love, we wouldn’t be representing the diversity that truly exists within our community.

It’s no secret that we are living in a socially and politically tense climate, but we believe that building more inclusive brands helps build a more inclusive society. We look forward to doing our part to ensure all voices are heard and represented in the Walker & Company family.

To us, love is love is love and love always wins.

Cassidy Blackwell

Brand Marketing Lead