a day out.

walkerjo lee
Jul 5, 2017 · 4 min read

hmm. we should go to that rib shack. we’ve never been there.

what rib shack?

that rib shack, the one you driving pass. it’s on the right.

humph! that’s the worst rib shack in the city.

you can’t possibly know that, mother dear. have you tried every rib joint in the city?

just about. think about it. do you smell barbecue or anything being smoked? don’t ever go to a rib shack if you don’t smell the meat in the air. you can always smell when you close to the fried chicken place. you can smell bread baking at bakeries a block away. why can’t you smell their ribs?

hmm. i don’t ever smell barbecue from them, now that you mention it.

oh, look at that, a little yellow corvette.

it’s little red corvette.

you sure? little yellow corvette sounds right to me.

i’m sure it does since you’re looking at a yellow car. there is a yellow submarine.

oh yeah, i remember yellow submarine.

we should just go to wal-mart. wal-mart got good ribs.

please don’t tell nobody else that.

well, they do. that’s a place we can go get ribs.

i have never smelled wal-mart smoked meat blowing in the wind.

it’s tender. easy for me to chew

don’t make me talk about your teeth.

wal-mart got tender ribs. jewel got good ribs, too?

so, basically you want to buy your ribs from the deli section of the grocery store?

if i can chew it, i sure do. where you taking me?

bj’s. it’s southern food or their version of it. it’s pretty good, not good enough for you and your uppity southern upbringing. you’re going to say it’s lousy, but let’s try it. they got greens, mac and cheese, dressing and smothered chicken, cabbage, it’s like thanksgiving everyday there.

they smoke they meat?

you know they don’t smoke their meat there. they probably bake their meat just like wal-mart and just like jewel. nobody in the back with a grill smoking meat everyday.

well, i’m going to popeye’s to get some chicken.

*sighs* all of this so you can get fried chicken? why even bother?

you going to jb’s?

it’s bj’s and yes, now i want cabbage and cornbread.

how long they take? is it going to be faster than chicken?

i have no idea but i’ll go stand in line. if it’s busy, it could take a minute.

well, let’s go there. you tried to get me mustard fried catfish from there before, didn’t you?

yep! but you was acting all mean and uppity about your fried fish and i ate dinner alone that day.

mmm hmmm. you paying for this?

i guess if you asking, i am.

you sure it’s ‘little red corvette?’

absolutely positive. i could google it for you. or you can try singing it to yourself. little yellow corvette just got a different flow to it.

when did you start eating ribs?

i don’t. i’m not going to eat them. i just want to smell barbecue. reminds me of summer. can’t help myself.

bj’s got black people in there? i only want black folks making my ribs.

it’s black owned. although, i’m not sure it matters. anybody can throw meat in the oven and bake it for three hours.

it’s about the seasoning. everybody can’t season ribs.

well, i’ve been in some places with some white boys on the grill, it’ll make you reconsider your stance on who season and smoke your ribs.

don’t take me to none of those places.

bj’s is your next right.

i still feel like it’s little yellow corvette.

i know you do. make sure you update your prince playlist when you get a chance.

if i had spotify…

nope. you ruined that. no more spotify for you. you can youtube all your music needs from now on.

mmm hmm. why are we going to get ribs when we’re going to a barbecue?

because your daughter and i discussed how you need to eat before you get there. they have no meat on the grill yet and she don’t want you rushing and harassing her when you get there. you need to eat before you get there.

ain’t nothing like smoked meat. there’s no real rib place close by? i think wal-mart got somebody who smoke they ribs and deliver’em.

i don’t even know how to respond to that except to say i’m sure they do not.

i’ve never seen a yellow corvette until today.

i’m not sure that was a corvette. look like a drop top fiat.

what is a fiat?

don’t worry about it.

that song ain’t about no car, is it?

no ma’am, it is not.



that girl give you a senior discount, didn’t she?


and you didn’t ask her for it?


she should ask first.

you the one say, ‘any discount, a good discount.’

well, it is! i look old enough to just get a senior discount without asking?

i’m not getting into that. i didn’t give you a senior discount. we can go back and you can ask her.

and i dyed my hair and got my eye brows done.

i want nothing to do with any of that.

she should ask first. how much was that discount?

less than two dollars off.

maybe it’s my pants. i do need some new pants.

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