Afterthoughts…(dream writing prompt.)

(black vomit. creative commons.)

i dreamt about spiders. a million of’em! they came out of one spider. “poof!” like dust particles in the air. except they didn’t waft into nothingness and dark spaces. they grew legs and extended webs. i pull myself awake, quickly. i see the need for spiders. but i don’t want to see spiders.

the next dream, i am eating a baby. it’s colorless, it’s gender-less, it’s silent, yet it’s looking into my eyes. past who i am or what i am. it sees past the act or the human in me. i don’t know whose baby i’m eating. it doesn’t feel like an act of violence. i sense no fear from the baby. her eyes look at me in trusting ways. it is calm. perhaps, i am eating it to save it. i didn’t chew. the baby is like a m&m. it melts in my mouth. i consume a baby. we both are at peace with this act.

i return to sleep, unwillingly. i sprint in my dream. i run and run. there is nothing there. in my dream, i know there is nothing there. i keep running. i awake in hot sweats. i turn up the fan. my imaginary dog, wyatt doesn’t like the air conditioning in the living room. WE can’t sleep in there again. we remain hot. only one of us is uncomfortable trying to sleep like this.

i am in bed again. it is 4am. there is absolutely nothing to do at 4am but stay in bed. and wait for sleep or for morning. morning doesn’t seem to want to come.

i sleep. i’m thrust into something with a machete in my hand. this is my go to weapon. i don’t own one in reality. it is on my to buy list. i am not a fighter. but if the zombie apocalypse is coming, i should be prepared. i am not running. i am walking. there is blood raining from my weapon. i sling the thing and send the blood flying to the leaves. people are running all around me. screaming and dying. i am walking. i am power. i am death. i am walking toward the trouble while others are running away from it. a woman comes to me. she is equally as bloody. as stunning. as powerful. she may not be a woman. i feel feminine energy. she has no face. i am being kissed by a faceless, gender-less human. she kisses my lips. i am not into kissing. i definitely don’t kiss strangers. lips have diseases. she has a spear in one hand and a machete at her side. i feel her smiling at me. “keep up”, she warns me as she sprints in the direction of the trouble that i’m walking into. i continue walking into the unknown. now, there is a feeling that i am not alone.

my phone vibrating wakes me from this final dream. i decide to awake for the day. and write. per my unlimited, action packed, lucid dreams, my writing prompts for the month of august will be blood. bodies. kissing. fire. and maybe dreams. in varying forms. not spiders. never spiders.

would it be safe to say that i got no sleep?