I want to get to a point where I can hold people close without breaking them.
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Afterthoughts… (unsolicited thoughts.)

Maybe this part. This very human part of us. Is not the fault of the one doing the holding. But the one that can’t stand to be held. Maybe, the holder knows enough to know when to hold. And the one being held is unaware of what it means to be held. Purely. honestly. platonically. Maybe, in their inexperience of being truly loved, they can’t deal. Love without sex has become some sort of weakness reserved for teenagers in beginning relationships. Sex & love are somewhat interchangeable now. What if you’re not breaking them? They’re not mature enough to handle closeness without some selfish ambition coming into play? What if it’s not you all?

Maybe, you are not the problem. You can be & give pieces of yourself that some are unaccustomed to. Maybe, you are just fine the way you are.

Maybe, the ones you think you break were broken before they arrived. They crumbled in your arms, at your feet. Maybe, it isn’t you. Maybe, you are not the problem. Maybe you love hard and the ones you give your hard & loyal too. Well, maybe, they have no idea what the hell that is. They break. Not from you. From believing they deserve it. Maybe, you love just right. Maybe, you hold just close enough. Maybe, you haven’t broken anyone. Maybe.

What do I know? I am just thinking out loud here. But what if they were only halves of wholes before they arrived. Maybe,… hmmm.