“Pieces of peace” — well done, Walker!
Sherry Kappel

all my work is still there and not going anywhere. no regrets, my friend!

everyone will be fine. part of being an adult is healing. we just have to decide to endure the process.

change the way you use medium? hmm. i don’t know. i like the way you use medium but then again, i don’t entirely know your way. don’t go changing too much. and the stuff you care about, like that senior piece that you’re supposed to be working on from an eon ago? ha! yea, i’m still waiting for that album to drop. any day now.

keep your 50 hour day to yourself, unless it includes a pool table and/or an arcade with about a mandatory 4 hours and then 4 hours of just plain body support. our bodies need support. a massage, pedicure, a good shampoo done by someone other than myself in a rush out the door. let’s make sure your 50 hour day got plenty of recreation. let’s go make snowballs and throw them at people and hide behind parked cars. i’m too young to be this old. oh, make sure you include naps? man! i love a good nap before 2p on an off day.

i’m not a gamer. i wish! i’m such a sore loser. lol. i invest in my gaming and marry my strategy. to lose is just internal failure. i’m no failure. but i am not above flipping a table over by “accident” and running away to end it all. if i’m winning, my trash talk has no bounds and knows no mercy. you may not want to play operation with me.

nothing wrong with a little revenge poem. there is still something quite peaceful and tame about it versus the alternative ways of having revenge. maybe even dignified. perhaps, this is the way to world peace. write it out and keep it moving.

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