at the bar. (suits and neckties.)


you don’t know me. i’ve seen you around quite a bit. you always wear a suit.

really? a suit. no, it’s been too hot to wear a suit.

close to a suit, then. it’s nice to finally meet you.

welcome. this your first time here?

yep. now that i’m here, i’ll be sure to come around more often. i like the suits.

interesting because i don’t wear suits.

you wear a lot of ties.

not really but why do you like it? doesn’t seem something that’d be noticeable to me.

you don’t look like you’re trying to force it. it looks natural on you. i didn’t know if you were a man or woman. i’ve just seen you in passing. but to meet you, finally, i think it’s nice. wear your suit and i’ll come here to drink.

sounds like a deal to me.