beautiful, to feel

like, the 1st warm day after winter passes and I can play on the streets as a kid, without a coat

beautiful, to taste

like, warm milk with a taste of honey after I’ve screamed awake in the darkness from monsters that lay themselves to rest

beautiful, to hold

like, that time I held your hand, the gasp that’s stuck in my throat, the electricity through fingertips that connects to your soul

like, my knees when they can no longer stand when you whisper my name

beautiful, to feel

like, when you walk into a room and I breathe just a little bit faster, when your eyes seek me out, only me and then you breathe a sigh of silent relief

beautiful you are, even when we’re apart

every thought of you is filled with flutes, violins, harps

all movements freeze, orchestra plays, noises fade

and there is just you, you and me, me being affected by you…

by the you that gets me high

like, the first time I hear my “new” favorite song that I put on repeat for five straight days

like, in the summertime, playing all day until the street lights came on and I hid

like, the high and the surge I got when i first heard Malcolm X speak and Tupac flow

like, the high and the power I felt when I realized no matter how far away I go, I can always go back

so beautiful,

beautiful like,

…i just know

The Sunrise on Lake Michigan -walkerj
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