Black Love, Dreams.

Tent on my green grass, brown earth grows mint, kale & green beans

Tree house built in oak tree, inside painted mahogany

630 fresh veggies, raw foods, baked yams, on our plates

Saturday night, mock nuggets, baked chips, lavender lemonade, revolution street talks, keep us awake

Trophies, medals, plaques, in the family room because we got something to prove

House protected by ADT because we’ve had to buy back our heritage that we don’t want to lose

Photo albums of, “remember when…”

Sunday night, laid out in front of the fire place heat with tomorrow’s plan

Put the kids to bed, steal away to summer breeze and strawberry letters, on our porch swing

And smile, hold hands, sit in each other’s love, in the moonlight that is our ancestors watchful eye, toast, with honey wine, to us, to you, to me”