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Sep 2, 2016 · 1 min read

could it be that scifi & fantasy occasionally build futures and worlds where people of color do not exist? where women only exist as extensions of robots? where white male is hero and savior again?

i love science fiction. i almost majored in it. let me tell you what that was like. i was the only woman. i was the only black woman. i was the only person of color. no, scratch that, my instructor was a woman who admitted she had to write science fiction under male pseudonym to get published. she was not of color.

in this class surrounded by white boys, where we truly only read white male authors, and the students pretty much rewrote stories that had already been told, also eliminating people of color in their tomorrow’s, it was painful to feel erased.

it was downright depressing. i skipped that class a lot. my instructor searched far and wide for black authors so we could read in class to keep me. she found Octavia butler who is usually classified as “speculative fiction” which was also debated in class.

i love science fiction. but i don’t rush to see every new scifi flick on the screen, i don’t buy the scifi anthologies because it isn’t all inclusive.

you make good points in this article. i love the possibilities. the ability to travel across universes. i just thought i’d enter my perspective. it makes me keep my scifi and speculative fiction to myself because is this genre truly big enough for all people? if not, i understand part of the disdain.

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