I want to take down my initial post, but I don’t think that will be helpful.
walkerjojones, your words are, as ever, beautiful and meaningful.

definitely don’t remove your words. it’s your voice. my fear in sharing my thoughts/feelings was that i could come off as censoring you. i strongly believe in not silencing people. even if they spew forth hate. the goal isn’t to shut people down but to reach understanding through some sort of rational discussions. so, no don’t remove your post.

it helped me. i initially thought people participating were in some way making fun.

to know some reasons, your reasons, i see that i’m actually wrong despite my feelings concerning it.

i think so many of us have a lot to learn about each other before we can move forward together. maybe, this is one of those things. and that’s cool.

i don’t mind you sharing it. i’m a bit self-conscious about it. but that’s my own issue.

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