You sound like a beautiful flower, resting and readying itself to bloom again in the spring.

ha! i never thought about it in that way. i do feel like i die every single winter. chicago is brutal. it just becomes gray all day, every day. it’s a wonder i even keep a job. this is when i utilize every sick day i have. i despise the pile up of snow. i’m already preparing myself for this windy city winter. it has no mercy and it takes no prisoners.

i spent all of yesterday organizing my writing list (also affirmations) so that i remember the good and positive for when the dark and whatever it is that takes me over, in the winter comes. my wall is rainbow of post it notes. it’s absolutely an eye sore. i’m hoping it works and i do better this winter. each winter, i want to kill myself just a little bit less. maybe, i’m growing up!

if i am a flower, i want to be a sunflower. they are the only flowers that i’ve seen that’s as tall as i am and taller (saw one last week, my height!!). we’re kindred spirits looking for the sun.