Walker, someday I’d really like to talk to your mama!
Sherry Kappel

Ha! No you don’t. She’d host the hell out of you doing too much, buying too many snacks, drinks, give you the remote control, and now she has a Spotify playlist to entertain from. But she won’t say a damn thing. southern part of her is seen and not heard. You won’t leave hungry. And if you get too tired, she’d pull out her full size air mattress for you, in your own room & flat screen television with limited cable. I got her a Roku so she’d offer you Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. She doesn’t use it so you don’t have to feel bad. It’s for guest and grandkids. She spoils them raw.

But to get some decent conversation, one has to invite my sister and I. We tap danced for years to get attention. We’ve perfected our parts. We’re very good at getting a rousing and even a good chuckle. If you’re lucky a snort that leaves Pepsi dripping from her nostrils. You should want to talk to us! The products of southern decorum and the city.

*Mother is shaking her head in partial shame at this response*

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