Hush Puppies & Hash Browns (freestyle.)


I’m digging you

like an old soul record

Your soft insides

Your oily slide


So hot

Singed tongue


I continue tasting

So hot

Warm my insides

I follow you down

On into my empty spaces

So hot

I need more than one taste

That soft crunch

The first bite

I like biting


Between you & I

The moistness of you

As you roll over my tongue

I suck the juices you create

I let you glide across

In between my teeth

I should run

I should run, quickly


I want so much more

Oh, so much more

Of you

In doses




I have a healthy appetite

Bottomless pit

I’m not new

to you

To this

There are no virgins near

So hot

I’ve awakened w the rising Sun

With you at the edge of my thoughts

All four corners

Closing in on my senses

This heat

So hot

Makes me forget

I should run

I should run, so far


From us

In this heat

I will forsake

My convictions

I will go back on my words

To my summer body

That will never be

If I eat you


& Again

So hot

That I skip sex

I don’t want the sweat

I ice my coffee

When I’m thinking of YOU

Wanting you

Tasting you

When you’re not near

So hot

Slow burn

Sweet addiction

That I can’t fake

Nor ignore


you are good

So hot

Keeping your cool

I love the chase!

Until after

That first bite



For me

I’m committed

Those sweet dreams

I’m made of

I’m made for

I smile

Your reliability

Is quite impressive

You’re dependable

Each time

The aroma of your beginnings

Is my ending

Creating comfort


childhood memories

Of peace & stability



of why we started

Igniting my crave

I ain’t shame to say

My devotion planted firm

My decorum thrown

To stagnant soft winds

And then I smell you

While I was sleeping

You whisper my name

Meet me


Of course

I will

I am


In the morning

I’m digging you

Like an old soul record

Take me

I’m yours

So hot

This heat

Makes me lose myself

Searching for you

Who needs that summer body

I’m cuffing myself

You dig me

I’m done running

i just ate