Karma’s Gift To WalkerJojones
Colette Clarke Torres

I am awed by your healing spirit. truly. i am wordless. that doesn’t happen often.

thank you for your kind and generous words. the universe sure knows that i needed them.

i have fallen off my wall of peace. and i have to put the pieces back together. there are times when that is easier than other times.

thank you. abundantly so. some of this is painful. well. no. a lot of this is painful. and i have to find smiles in the shadows. joy in the silence.

there was some 7th and 8th grade girls that mentioned their sexual trauma, their rape, their molestation and needed help on how to deal with it. i wrote this because i was so inspired by them speaking up in a room of their peers. i wouldn’t have done that at their age. i didn’t do that at their age. (i wouldn’t do that now). the world is such a scary place. i could not imagine being a kid today.

thank you. i am healing. it is a constant practice that i have to choose to choose. over and over again. if that makes sense. it is a process. i am a process. i am realizing that. trying to embrace the process.

i thoroughly appreciate your words of wisdom and support. they mean a lot to me. i’m putting the pieces together. feeling like picasso and gluing pieces that don’t fit. but they kinda do. in an awkward and off kind of way. but almost perfect too! if it was all for the purposes of refining. i get it. i don’t always love it. i get it.

thank you for your overwhelmingly generous words. i pull them out and lay them around my room. they are helping me peace together the pieces. of myself.

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