Why I must go ..
Wild Flower

i am not a crier but mine eyes are a bit misty. maybe a eyelash fell in. 
i love your poem. black jesus! where the hell did that come from? i felt layers of emotions. that was dope! man! i almost underlined the whole damn thing! that there ain’t no cheesy poem.

alright. i’m breathing again, nasally, so that i may respond like my mother taught me to use my inside voice inside.

i am so excited for you. dare i say jealous. and i don’t get jealous often but this is worth it. i support you. because i believe we all need so much more support than we actually receive or give ourselves, i support you.

go forth! go and don’t look back. have no regrets. go in love. in power. in healing. in love. in unconditional love. in honesty and truth. man, i support you. life is about living. you’re living. life if for the living. you’re living. life is for the shining. you are a star. and i may never sit across a table and commune over coffee and cake (or biscuit/scone) and be able to shake your hand, hug you dearly (i am not a hugger so this will be big for me) pay for your meal, linger in conversation about the world but you have a friend and supported here in chicago.

you’ve broken the chains of society and that is worth admonishing. not many of us do it, not many of us can. not with a selfless heart. hot with a humble heart.

i don’t know your gods, your deity’s and the ones that guide you and love you in ways that you will never be able to fathom, but i will speak on your behalf to the gods of my mothers. not to protect you. because there is absolutely nothing to fear in love. if you are going in love, go brave and go strong. but because you are human. and there may be times when you long for your creature comforts, old ways, and familiar faces. i will be speaking on your behalf that you be reminded that what you are doing and where you are going is worth so much more than all the things that you’ve gathered to yourself and lost along the way. that where you’re going, what you will apart of, the family you will create along he way, that’s what’s real. all the rest of this is peaceful lies. our material lives, those debts, the financial hardships of yesterdays, they’re all cosmetic. it is not who people are. it’s some of what people have decided to do.

go in your heart and with your heart. remember the heart that you have right now so that you will never forget why you are where you are. the actions, the materialism, poverty, even violence, it’s all cosmetic. it’s not who people truly are once you get to know them.

and it’s okay to want to go elsewhere to help. honestly, there are enough able bodied people to help so that you never have to question why you want to help over there instead of over here. it’s okay. you are supported.

thank you for sharing. more than anything, you’re supported. by many, i’m sure. congratulations. it is a honorable thing to be chosen to receive the things you’ve always wanted. you’re worthy and you’re ready. in love. in power. in healing. in support. you are perfect, whole, and complete. you are meant to be exactly where you are.

this is partially fitting:

walk away, my friend. you’re “here for more than desk jobs.”

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