Of course not. What’s your aim with this question? Do you disagree with that approach?

i disagree with your wording and the possible motive behind those words.

it smells of superiority. i don’t dig it.

i live among a group where despite what i do or don’t, the actions of others that look like me absolutely determines how i will be regarded in this country. it has been for a very long time now.

i feel i’m the last person you should be directing your approach to in regards to how i should receive or respond to the safety pin. we’re in this mess because a whole group of marginalized people have been put in boxes and labeled. many of those labels were not chosen by these people. but they exist and an election was run on a platform of non-truths, stereotypes, and threats against these people.

where were you with this approach a month ago directing it to non-poc? where are you now with this approach directing it to non-poc who are actively being pursued as a result of this election?

i simply wonder if your approach should be directed elsewhere. but maybe that’s just me.

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