All of us mamas, though, probably yours too, still want to be needed on some level even if we don’t act on it.
At a laundry?!?
Sherry Kappel

i don’t always get this part. the wanting to be needed. so much time goes into training a kid up, teaching them, preparing them to be in the world on their own. the minute the little jokers are out in the world, parents want to know when you coming to visit, why don’t you call more often,… my father was a lot worse than my mother even before he had cancer. it’s kinda confusing to me. especially since i’ve been ‘adulting’ for quite some time now.

the lady at the laundry, she had patient adult children. that much i can say. she got what she needs, in them. maybe, that’s all that matters. *shrugs*

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