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i just laughed. out loud. at all of this. it’s not always a good look, when you live alone. not talking on the phone.

i do like hell’s teeth. i am going to incorporate it into my daily living.

i use black jesus. i think black jesus is no longer amused. i’m crying wolf. he used to think this was funny and fitting.

i will help utilize hell’s teeth. (one can never have enough sayings for nutty moments. preparation in advance, is everything.)

digging the images. i feel like i was there. yep. i was totally there. i dig free spirits and wild hearts. they’d be my heroes.

the voice in your head. (is amazing!) is rich like the mississippi dirt. you can grow people in it. and hilarious. i’m going to read this a few times throughout the day.

i am still chuckling.

i get it. lol. i’d have to.