Wow — so poignant (and so different than your other stuff!).
Sherry Kappel

i worked with the elderly for some years. the only thing harder than working among this group of people is working with children.

i would love to read that novel tho!! i think you can make it work from two different perspectives, both your own still. i do believe we can travel back in time. especially when it comes to writing. go back there! finish that. or edit it and give it to the public. i’ll take a copy, please and thank you.

there is one novel I’ve been working on since 2001, the year i began taking college seriously and doing my work. my first short story followed me throughout college and haunts me still. it’s not about the elderly. it’s about these homeless kids. there are more homeless kids now than 15 years ago. more of them are battling with addictions today. each time i return to edit, i have to reread the entire thing and go back in time. i read the paper. look to google for things that wouldn’t have existed yet but does now. i’m on chapter seven and stopped because theater and playwriting took over my life. it remains on my to-finish list. i do understand how perspectives change. sometimes, the characters are right where you left them waiting for something to happen so that they may change. who knows?

i don’t know. this is my plus two cents. i support your putting forth that novel!