Someone is blowin' up the spot and it ain’t me!

i’m on vacation this week. i have a lot of time on my hands.

when i read this i laughed. i am blowing up but not in the way you mean it. some people write more effectively, in their opinion, after some consumption of dark colored shots or cups of tainted drink. they write better and mostly under the influence.

i cannot. my secret and my shame, i can only write if i am chewing. so, i am blowing up in that sense. the more i write, the more i eat.

i went to the farmers market and got some blackberry lime preserves. it is heavenly if you’re a fan of limes. then I went and bought three different kinds of fresh bread on which to spread my heavenly preserves. sadly, i am enjoying toast in ways that I haven’t before, overly so.

now, when i post anything you’ll know i’m most likely chewing.

i’m am eating second lunch while i while i write this very moment. no one mentions how much they eat in their writing process. i’ll go make a four course meal just so i can write one short story. don’t blow up like this.

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