It struck me to ask, “have you been published
At exactly 4:55 am I woke up.

No to being published. Play produced but not published.

Not so sure how it works or how to work it. Part of me wonders if ppl still read books? And the audacity of myself to think I can?

Also, these little old women are amazing. You get older and it almost skips your mind, that they’re getting older as well. In my mind, I’m always looking at them through ten year old lenses. But we’re always growing older. I forget that these beautiful women. Who have been the thorn in my flesh at some time or other. Who have empowered me. Who have given to me in ways that I can’t touch. I won’t have then forever. In these bodies. I’m grateful, I’m here w them.

Although, I’m the servant girl and I’m not super into that. I’m sucking it up. Silently. Knowing my place.

Dig your story in response. Super cool. At 455am I was shredding sweet potatoes to make hash brown. But a raise and a cool story sounds way more up my alley.