Tre L. Loadholt

not that they’re in the same genre of music or anything, but i stumbled upon some ann peebles while doing laundry, which i hate, and i i swear to you, i ascended to the fifth dimension. if you don’t know of her, she is the one that missy elliot stole, “i can’t stand the rain”, from. well, i suppose i should refer to it as “sampled”.

we’d talk alice walker over some doobie brothers with some ann peebles mixed in (if you dig her) in some ac ( i hope you got ac, it’s ninety here in the humidity and feels like a proper roasting) with iced tea. man, i could go for a tall glass of iced tea. it doesn’t even have to be sweetened. and we’ll toast to realizing reality is sometimes growing forward even still.

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