Ha! well for god sakes spare a thought for me ok !
Wild Flower

Oh Hell, I forget that happens. I want us all to have summer together!!

I will enjoy the lake for the both of us in this case.

And there is so much beauty in nature in the winter. I hate the cold but I love the winter. Venture to the states and come to Chicago one day. Before January tho. It’s not too cold to even camp. If I liked camping I would totally do it in the winter time here. It doesn’t get cursing cold until Jan.

Still a lot of nature to see. My mother and I spotted a flower. We’re fanatics about this kind of stuff. It was purple. We also love purple. Once we realized we were both noticing it together, she said, what is that doing out here in the cold?” It was beautiful. She was driving like a maniac so I couldn’t get a picture.