It is a different kind of empty loving and wanting someone who does not love or want you back.
Realizing Reality
Tre L. Loadholt

so. i’m from chicago and we deal with things like this in a special kind of way. who did it? and where do they live?

on a more serious note, 
what if it was all just for a moment? it doesn’t change feelings, i know. but maybe if it was for a moment and that moment is over, that makes it a slight less painful. maybe. maybe not, though.

all of it may not apply and that’s fine. perhaps, it’s only to say that maybe you’ve only been apart of a moment / out of moments / not out of love / out of moments
and what matters most is you enjoyed those good and beautifiul moments.

i know one thing, i’m glad you wrote it out of you. that helps more than anything. along with time, this will be healing. it’s not only healing you either. you have many that are reading and supporting.

i love your title. i may riff off it.

i hope before the day is done, you find some peace in your corner of the sky.

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