drive to where the sunset meets you

stand before the tides where the moon tunes you

walk behind your shadow until it disappears and face the north

sit in silence, where only the wind blowing, leave whispers behind at the nape of your beginnings

smile at the stars, for they are where you come from and where you will return

whisper sweet nothings to the soul of the Sun, overindulge in acts of p.d.a.

walk courageously on winding roads, unarmed and disembittered

allow a simple smile to precede you on your journey through your today’s and all of your many tomorrows, to lead you there

meditate on the peaks of mountains in peace and power, while perfecting the moment of quakes and eruptions then completeness without revenge

sleep on cliffs where the sun will wake you when it rises and dry morning dew from your damp and chilled skin

shed tears that will make herbs take root at your feet

feel the angle you’re on, the elevation you’re in, in your space, on Earth and don’t hold on

swallow and feed from trees that wish to walk with you while they stand and sway

don’t fear black holes and deep pits embracing you, supporting you to fully love your Blackness without fault despite understanding

sway, switch, skip, run, sprightly sprint, twirl, spin, and dance, no matter what’s under your feet because your movements are like music notes, that are only appreciated when it’s played by one that speaks spirit

we see you, Black Woman!

hold your head, Black Girl!

you, a chaotic beauty that crawls on our skin, while we watch, and leaves a mist of wonder and curiosity behind, when you fly by

risk it, take more chances

it’s okay

travel to the ends of the land, smile, bow, sit, stand, revere, rest, or just be

for you are made in the image of your maker

discover who you are

your beginnings were conceived in infinities

let the rains kiss your skin, insects follow you from here to there

live without fear

it’s okay

drive to where the sunset meets you

and when darkness falls across all the lands

remember that you’ve never been alone

a beginning emerges from Blackness

a void, the core, and the womb

alone, for you, is impossible

you are made in the image of your maker

drive to where the sunset meets you


it’s okay

you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

image by walkerj

(written in response and in support of a friend in hard times as it relates to gender, skin color, and self-esteem. All. Is. Well.)