walkerjojones, My comment was a misstep.

there is much i want to say but this can becoming draining on my friday night. i let your response linger within. i didn’t want to brash or even emotional although i’ve felt both. but for whatever reason, i am and usually have to be self-controlled.

it’s tough to feel joy over this or anything positive because of the initial response. it’s not easy. i don’t understand the ease to not hear. no, not hear. to actively not listen. i don’t understand the quickness to assert one’s opinion and &/or defend something that is all symbol. the symbol itself and the people choosing to wear them, has received more attention than the people that it was intended to be a safe haven for. we’re burning bridges before we’ve had a chance to build them.

you’ve been heard, read, regarded. i appreciate you returning to share your perspective per your reread. i accept your apology. that’s all i got. in peace.