The Darkness of Skin and the Lightness of Lil’ Kim
Ezinne Ukoha

These pictures broke my heart yesterday. She has experienced what a lot of us have as little Black Girl and young Black Women. At some point in our lives, had we the money, we may have altered ourselves aswell, just to change the story we were told. I’m glad this is one piece that isn’t bashing her for her choices. Her Blackness didn’t save her. It’s cool and trendy to be Black. Now. Blackness oppressed her. To read responses yesterday, seems Blackness is still oppressing her.

I don’t feel much for celebrities, usually. I was hurting for this woman because I know the kinds of things she heard and I know how much she had to feel on the inside, to change her outside. I’m glad and grateful that this wasn’t an all out hating Lil Kim piece. It’s always very confusing to me when Black Lives Matter. Thanks. I thought I was the only one thinking about how she still feels voids, in the midst of an trendy Black Girl Love Liberation Movement.

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